FORTEM Portable Electric Air Pump For Tires

electric air pump for tires

Being a busy man, it’s quite difficult for you to inflate your tire all the time. It simply wastes your valuable time, money, and effort. But a cordless air compressor can help you to get out of this situation. This electric-air pump-for-tires will not only save your time and effort but also serve you for several years with less maintenance. Cordless compressors are affordable to all thus it will be cheaper than the expense that you spend to inflate your tire all the time.

You can find various air compressors in the market but every item will not be suitable for you. So, sellers will try to handover you any air compressor that might not match your desires. So, I have made your decision easier. I have chosen one of the best air compressors for you.

FORTEM air compressor is a portable air compressor. It is digital so easy to use. This compressor can be used for many purposes like inflating cars, trucks, motorcycle tires, etc. I can ensure you that you will be profitable buying this air compressor.

About this electric-air pump-for-tires :

FORTEM Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor, Bike Tire Pump, 12V Electric Air Pump for Car Tires and Bicycles with LED Light, Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is ready with you for any emergency. It can be used for multi-purposes like suitable for car, truck, motorcycle tires. This electric air pump for tires is a large, easy to read digital display, It also Includes three nozzle attachments for sports balls, air mattresses, pool toys, and other inflatables and also be used as an air pump for bikes.

It has built-in safety features which will blow your mind. Its super bright automatic LED flashlight makes our car air pump suitable for roadside emergency and nighttime use. It is super easy to use so you can complete your work with less effort. Its extra-long power cord reaches any deflated tire. This electric-air pump-for-tires can inflate the tire and turn off automatically once it reaches the desired pressure.


  1. Automatically shuts off at desired pressure to prevent over inflation
  2. Portable and Compact
  3. Built-In Safety Features
  4. Easy To Use
  5. Compact, lightweight, and portable design
  6. Large, easy-to-read digital display gauge for simple PSI reading
  7. Set Includes 1 FORTEM Air Compressor 3 Nozzle Attachments 1 Extra Fuse 1 carrying case
  8. Built-in LED Flashlight for roadside emergencies
  9. The extra-long power cord to reach any deflated tire


  1. Compatible for only DC-12V cigarette lighter power outlet.

Technical Details:

Item Weight‎1.9 pounds
Product Dimensions‎8 x 6.5 x 3.3 inches
Item model number‎FRTM-DAC
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
Manufacturer Part Number‎FRTM-DAC
Voltage‎12 Volts
Wattage‎120 watts

Warranty: This electric-air pump-for-tires has a 1-year warranty.

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Buyer’s Guide:

An air compressor converts power into potential energy stored in the form of compressed air. This electric-air pump-for-tires does not involve conversion from another form of energy such as heat at the point of application. And cordless air compressor is the best friend of all vehicle drivers as properly inflated tires are the most important aspect of safe driving. Tires that are under or over-inflated create hindrance for drivers and passengers. The regular check-up of your vehicle’s tire pressure increases the safety of your vehicle and keeps it running optimally. Properly inflated tires wear out slower and lengthen the lifespan of suspension components.

Tips to buy the best battery powered air compressor for you:

  1. Try to look at Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM
  2. Size of the tank
  3. Air pressure (PSI)
  4. Check the horsepower (HP) of the air compressor
  5. Try to analyze the requirements of the air tools that will be used
  6. Choose between piston-type and portable compressors
  7. Direct or belt drive
  8. Consider your power source
  9. Single-stage or two-stage
  10. Oil or oil-less
  11. Duty circle
  12. Moisture problems
  13. Life expectancy

Tips to use the best battery powered air compressor:

  1. To avoid overheating, check the manual for which items it is designed or it will cause great damage.
  2. Locate it near the area where it will be used.
  3. Extra thermal protection stops the motor to prevent damage from overloads.
  4. Avoid contact with dirt, vapor, and volatile fumes.
  5. Purchase auxiliary air tanks to increase air storage capacity.
  6. Check your manual before using as few cordless air compressors shouldn’t be used while plugged into an outlet. Otherwise, it’ll damage your unit. 


FORTEM electric air pump for tires can be your desired air compressor. So, you’ll not have to waste your valuable time in selecting your perfect choice from a long queue as I have brought to you complete detail of this item. It is a great product, thus it can match budget, demand, requirement. you’ll not regret purchasing this.