How to Clean a Microwave Convection Oven


If you frequently use your microwave convection oven, you should clean it daily to keep it in good condition. Do you know how to clean a microwave convection oven ? Though there is no fixed rule or time to clean the microwave oven, but it’s a good idea to clean it formerly a week or when egregious splatters spot the innards.

Not only do microwave oven ranges cook snappily, but they clean snappily too. The interior of the oven will become stained and dirty over time. This guide is to show you the steps for quick and easy cleaning of the oven interior by yourself.

Section: Before cleaning your microwave convection oven, unplug it and allow it to cool completely.

Do not use hot water.

Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners in your microwave convection oven.

Do not use a steam cleaner as it could damage the inside of your microwave convection oven.

Do not use a razor blade, wire brush, or other sharp object to clean the inside of your microwave convection oven; these can scratch surfaces and cause damage over time if used incorrectly.

Section: Remove the turntable and wash it with soapy water. Rinse and dry.

Once you’ve removed the plate, wash it with soapy water, then rinse and dry well. Repeat the operation if necessary.

How to Clean a Microwave Convection Oven ? To remove the plate from your microwave, turn off the appliance and unplug it from its power source. Carefully remove any removable components, such as food trays or covers on a turntable. Open the door of your convection oven and remove any food that may be inside by hand; use tweezers if necessary to retrieve items such as pizza crusts that are stuck in hard-to-reach places.

Seal any openings with paper towels or other absorbent materials so contaminants can’t get in through them while you work on cleaning your microwave. Then start mopping! Use warm water mixed with a mild detergent to clean all surfaces in your microwave; make sure to get into any crevices where crumbs have formed over time if possible (but don’t forget about those hidden corners!). Thoroughly rinse off soap residue before completely drying with cloths or paper towels; don’t forget the folds too!

Section: Clean the inside of the oven with a mixture of 1 cup water and 1/4 cup lemon juice.

This is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your microwave convection oven.

Combine 1 cup of water with 1/4 cup of lemon juice in a small bowl.

Use a sponge or soft cloth to clean the inside of the convection oven. Clean thoroughly, but don’t scrub metal surfaces too hard (this could cause scratches).

Use another clean sponge or soft cloth to wipe down the walls of your microwave convection oven, removing any food splatters that have accumulated there. Do not put anything but hot water on this area while cleaning it; you can use steam cleaners on other areas as needed after you have removed all liquids from this area first.

Wipe up spilled liquid immediately with a dry paper towel; do not use anything else, such as damp paper towels, because they will leave a lint-free residue on any surface they come in contact with during cleaning. This will prevent future problems from occurring over time due to how dirty those wet tissues can get if left untouched for too long (thus becoming a breeding ground for bacteria growth).

Section: Use a sponge or soft cloth to clean the inside walls of the microwave convection oven.

Do not use abrasive sponges, towels or cleaning tools on any part of the appliance, especially the microwave part. Abrasive items can scratch or damage the surface of your microwave oven and can also damage or scratch cookware during use.

Do not use a heating pad to remove food from the oven; It is not safe to handle hot items with a hot pad as you are likely to get burned by the vapors released by foods cooked in fats and oils.

Section: To remove stains and marks, use undiluted lemon juice and a soft cloth.

Here is how to clean the microwave convection oven:


Clean the interior with a damp cloth and dry it. If you have stubborn stains, spray them with a little vinegar and let it sit for five minutes before wiping it off. You can also use lemon juice diluted in water (one part lemon juice and five parts water). Make sure there are no traces of liquid; if there are, clean them as soon as possible.

To remove crumbs or splatters from cooked food, scrape with a putty knife or plastic scraper. Avoid using metal utensils on glass surfaces because they can scratch the surface of your microwave convection oven. Wipe away any residue with a damp cloth dampened in a mild soapy solution (water mixed with mild dishwashing liquid). Rinse well and dry completely before reuse.

Section: Also clean the drawer that holds the turntable, using this same procedure.

You should also clean the drawer that holds the turntable, using this same process.

Use water and a soft cloth to clean your microwave oven.

Use a soft cloth to clean the inside of your microwave oven.

Use a soft cloth to clean the door of your microwave oven.

Use a soft cloth to clean the grill of your microwave oven.

Use a soft cloth to clean the turntable of your microwave oven.

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Takeaway: There are easy ways to clean your microwave convection oven.

Clean the inside of the microwave oven

First, remove food from inside your microwave oven as you would any other kitchen appliance. Use warm soapy water to clean dirt from all surfaces inside your microwave oven and wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel. Be sure to clean around the front control buttons and keep the handles clean too (if any).

clean the outside

Use a microfiber cloth or sponge to clean fingerprints, smudges, and other residue from the outside of the oven door and control panel. If there is stubborn dirt which is not easily removed with just water, use dish soap mixed with warm water on a scrub brush and gently scrub this area until completely free of dirt; this may take several applications, but don’t worry, once you’ve thoroughly cleaned everything, rinse again using only fresh, clean water before thoroughly drying with paper towels or a cloth rag so moisture can’t get in. cause damage later.

How to Clean a Microwave Convection Oven


All the steps may seem a matter of huge time for you so you can just read this summary and follow the steps to clean your microwave. At first, place one mug of water in coliseum inside your microwave oven. Cook the water for three twinkles. Let the water and brume stay inside the microwave oven for a fresh five twinkles. Wipe the mess clean with a wet, adulatory cloth and also dry. Thus, you can keep your microwave oven which is a compulsory part of your daily exhausted life, clean and tidy quite easily and quickly with a few materials.


Our experts have provided you with a step -by -step instructions on how to clean your microwave convection oven. We recommend that you use the best products for baking and keeping the equipment in good condition, but you should always pay attention to the safety instructions and manufacturer’s instructions. If you are not sure which solvent to use, check the label on the side of the oven body or go to the manufacturer’s website for more information.

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